Pike County Common Pleas Court

The Honorable Rob Junk
Resident Judge of the Pike County Court of Common Pleas, General Division

The Pike County Courthouse was previously located in Piketon, Ohio from 1815 to 1861. In 1861, the Pike County residents voted to relocate the county seat to Waverly, Ohio. Thereafter, the Meschech Downing family donated the Waverly Public Square to the county to build a new courthouse. A committee was appointed to oversee the construction of the new courthouse, and the completed structure was sold to the county for $5.00 and deeded to the county in 1866. An addition was added to the front of the building in 1909.

The same building currently houses the Pike County Court of Common Pleas, General Division, the Pike County Prosecutor's Office and the Pike County Clerk of Courts. The first floor of the courthouse displays an original 1866 map of Pike County, measuring approximately 5.5 feet wide and 11 feet long. The map is currently undergoing restoration. On the second floor of the courthouse is a display case containing photographs of local volunteers and draftees of World War 1. On the front wall of the Common Pleas Courtroom, located behind and above the judge's bench. is a beautiful mural entitled "Blind Justice" painted by the late, local attorney, W. T. Reed. To the left of the judge's bench, sits a bust of James Emmitt. To the right of the judge's bench, sits a bust of Louisa Emmit. James and Louisa Emmitt, husband and wife, were the first millionaires to reside in Pike County.

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Issues related to criminal cases.

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Issues related cases involving divorce, child custody and protection orders.

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Issues related to all civil cases and other matters before the court.

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